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While no two assignments are ever the
same, all our clients benefit from state
of the art manufacturing facilities,

availability of low cost artisans,
skilled manpower and an abundance

of quality raw materials.​


We have our own sampling unit in Mumbai, equipped with a team of expert pattern cutters and qualified merchandisers. ​


During the development stage, this allows us a fast turnaround of samples and toiles to the highest standard.​

quality assurance

Our team work diligently to maintain your order is constructed from high quality raw materials, using construction details to ensure longevity.
Design is followed by meticulous auditing
of the production process to ensure compliance with our high standards in
all production phases, eliminating
any potential issues before shipping.


Our experienced sourcing unit are constantly scouring the market for new
and innovative fabrics and materials.

They inform our embroiderers, who
then design and make swatches using
up-to-date specialist techniques
and materials for you to be inspired by.

Our business office, sampling unit and production units are all based in
Mumbai, India.
Whatever it is you specialise in, wherever your operation is based,

we are sure to be able to produce exceptional quality garments for you.



We will not operate a business where cost-cutting unduly compromises fair and responsible working conditions.


In respect of our own supplier network, we work to ensure and monitor a compliance with our minimum standards for environmental, work and health
& safety issues.

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